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BowHiking Apparel is the brand for all the self guided DIY hunters.  

Are your days in the field largely outnumbered by days at the ballpark, gymnastics meets, Volleyball tournaments and dance competitions? Have you ever come back from an extended weekend hunt empty handed? Just play it cool man, its just another BowHiking trip.

There will be plenty more weekends  to take your bow for a hike again.

We are bowhiking apparel

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Frequently asked questions

We give 2% to conservation, DAV support groups, and suicide prevention.  We also buy licenses for vets and first responders.

Our brand fundraising efforts are driven through our gear. Buying a shirt will support our mission. You can donate individually to our causes by going to the support page.

Tags4Vets is an initiative we are trying to start to get disabled vets, first responders families, tags and license bought, to provide gear and misc. equipment to those in need.

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